Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rosina Mae x Puricuties


Don't you wish it was summer? We do! Thanks to Rosina Mae we're prepared for the beach and we're going to look fabulous! Not only that these swimsuits have you covered if you want to hit the street or the dance floor afterwards.

Shady's swimsuit is the perfect alternative to your standard two piece. The bottoms feature a huge sparkly silver star against a pastel lilac background. The bottoms are high waisted and tied as a halter top, so cool! The bikini top is reversible so you can wear it whatever way you want.

Choom's bikini is a colourful combo of blues, pinks and silver. This two piece is a more familiar design, the bottoms are high waisted and the top triangle and non padded.

Shady's look is perfect for a beach party. She combined a sparkly silver jacket with pastel thigh highs to keep the colour coordination going throughout this look. Shady's look is very fun so why ruin the mood with a boring bag? This look is giving us some real 80's vibes!

 For a simple beach look, lose the thigh highs and jacket and add a pair of cute socks and jellies. Shady's jellies are both practical and fashionable, and the socks go so well with the sea theme! They depict The Birth of Venus, which is one of Shady's fave artworks.

Choom's outfit is styled to rock on the street. She combined streetwear like elements such as baggy hip hanging tracksuit bottoms, with a bomber to give the look a cool edge. The bikini bottoms are high waisted so they look sorta like boy shorts, but more sparkly. 

Choom finishes off her look with sky high platforms, not exactly practical, but perfect for an edgy streetwear look.

Thank you so much to Rosina Mae for sending us these awesome items! Please check out their stuff here:

Shady wears:

Bikini - Rosina Mae
Shoes - Glamorous
Thigh Highs - Coveted Society
Jacket - Offbrand
Socks - Camden Market
Bag - Skinny Dip

Choom wears:

Bikini - Rosina Mae
Tracksuit bottoms - Nasir Mazhar
Jacket - Offbrand
Shoes - Y.R.U

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